Brown Stag Beetle(Rhyssonotus nebulosus )

Endemic to Australia, Brown stag beetle has a unusual shape and markings on its back. They are the most common and successful stag beetles here in Brisbane. Every time when I went beetle hunting, I could easily find many of them in the rotten logs, sometimes even in their hundreds . The larvae are quite aggressive and the larvae of golden green stag beetle (lamprima latreillii) that live in the same log are either driven to the unpalatable part of the log or killed.

The larvae and pupae dominate the rotten logs in the parks and forests in Brisbane. Sometimes, it feels like there are too many of them that other stag beetles are threatened.

Stout in shape, brown stag beetles are very strong. It is fun watching them fight.

A few years ago, I wrote on ProjectNoah about my experience catching brown stag beetles and it was voted Spotting Of The Week. Here is the link Brown Stag Beetle